Today's Alternative Is Tomorrow's Fundamental

Alternative Signals offers the research and tools to evaluate and use our proprietary datasets, alternative data and algorithms for better decision making on investment, trading and risk management.

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Maximise the potential of alternative data

Alternative data can provide actionable insights and indications of the future performance of companies outside of traditional sources. Investors and analysts use alternative data to measure the health of a company, industry, or economy.

Sentiment Indicator

The Alternative Signals Sentiment Indicator measures the “mood” on more than 10,000 global stocks, based on social media analysis and changes in the global financial landscape, using Natural Language Processing techniques.

Exclusive data
Exclusive Datasets

We have access to exclusive datasets, which provide insights into companies' revenue, costs and flows. This data enables us to build predictive models using Machine Learning.
Our focus with this data is primarily analysing European markets and companies.

Earnings Announcement

Our system can predict prior quarterly earnings announcements and company results.
The models developed give investors the information they need to make sound financial decisions, and position their investment portfolio against unnecessary short term volatility.

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API on demand
API on Demand

API integration allows our clients to embed our data directly into their workflow.
Our technology allows you to instantly search across the different datasets we offer, giving you the information you need on demand and in real time.

Market Monitor Dashboard

Alternative Signals’ Market Monitor Dashboard allows you to monitor markets through proprietary signals and alternative datasets.
This is a very useful tool for investors, giving you the comprehensive view of market data you need to make informed business decisions.

Market Monitor Dashboard
Alternative data provider
Alternative Data Validator

Alternative Signals leverages its proprietary Machine Learning infrastructure for the validation of alternative datasets; if you give us a new dataset, we will be able to incorporate it into our existing machine learning model.
During the procedure, we will evaluate a series of validation metrics to assess if the new data generates alpha, or could help you hedge your portfolio.

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